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FireTide Welcomes You

Welcome home FireFans! This site was made just for you. FireTide's website is a place to gather information about everything FireTide. We have our events, photos, bios, and more. Bookmark our page and come back frequently to stay up to date on the latest news and events featuring FireTide!

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What’s New?

FireTide is dedicated to continuously shaping ourselves and growing as a band and as musicians. We want our fans to always enjoy the time they spend with us as well. The best way to do both is by always searching for and changing up the songs we perform and venues we play at. Send us a message on Facebook or through this website to let us know which songs you enjoy the most and any that you feel would be a great FireTide song or place for a great show! You can even suggest FireTide to some of your favorite and most frequented establishment to see if we can all be friends. :-) P.S. Don't forget to post your pics and comments on our Facebook page for everyone to enjoy. We may even post some of them on here in our Gallery section.

Meet The Members

Bill Devierno


Bob Anderson

Music Festival

Joe Russo

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Dave Tangora

Rock Stage

Contact us with any questions, comments, and for more FireTide updates.

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A Bit About Us

FireTide is a rock-n-roll cover band with a blues influence. The band was founded somewhere around 2000 in the Cooper City/Davie area by a group of musicians dedicated to our love of music. Originally called RAD (the first letter of the band members last names)we were a three-piece band with our talented guitar players switching off on the bass guitar while the other played both the guitar rhythm and lead. Finally, we found a great friend, with a bass guitar background, who filled out the band and allowed our guitarists to start showing off the beautiful sounding guitar harmonies you hear in several of our songs.  We’re a dedicated Rock Band that has several influences from 60's to the new millennium! We pride ourselves on being a fun and entertaining band to not only listen to but to watch where people from all over can come together and celebrate the music we all love.

Events Calendar


No upcoming events at the moment

FireTide in the Recording Studio!

January 22nd, 2021

FireTide Friday @ Flossie's Bar

Flossie's Bar  & Grill 6/14/2019

FireTide @

Flossie's Bar & Grill

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